Town To Town

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Published to coincide with the Town To Town exhibition which opens at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, the book features 60 portraits from my six years of travel across Britain.

Town To Town
Published by RRB Bristol, 2018

Cloth covered hardback 24 x 27 cm
120 pages
60 colour images

Edition of 1000
ISBN 1999727509


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Via Vauxhall

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Throughout 2014, Niall photographed the residents and commuters passing through the rapidly changing neighbourhood of Vauxhall in south London. The images are primarily centred on its bus station and bus routes.

Via Vauxhall
Published by Hey Little Heroes, 2015

Cloth covered hardback, 24.8cm x 22cm
72 pages
45 colour images

Edition of 350
ISBN 0992697018


Crossing Paths

photo © Niall McDiarmid

In early 2011, Niall began the Crossing Paths project, taking portraits of people he met as he travelled across Britain. In the three years the project ran for, he photographed more than 800 people, travelled over 50,000 miles and stopped at more than 120 towns across England, Scotland and Wales.

Crossing Paths, A Portrait of Britain
Published by Hey Little Heroes, 2013

Cloth covered hardback, 21 x 14.8 cm
272 pages
148 colour images

Edition of 500
ISBN 099269700X